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The New Eve Method

Through her work Bridget Marie discovered that having healthy families and successful careers require an approach that covers not just our bodies, but our emotions, minds, souls & environment. It requires achieving the natural harmony that we were created with from the very beginning. In particular, it requires truly understanding who the woman is, how she came to be and how she can be supported to achieve her full potential. This led to the development of The New Eve Method.

The New Eve Method adopts a natural human ecology approach rooted in Biblical principles. It explores women development through different socio-economic & environmental circumstances so that they can have the healthy families & successful careers that they were created to have. Through the New Eve Method, Bridget Marie has been able to push the boundaries of the social sciences and public health, to look beyond societal and human realities and explore the world as seen by its Divine Creator.

The New Eve Method is made up of 5 steps:

This goes to the foundation of who the woman is; a creation who needs to be in unity with her Creator. This is often ignored by health & development strategies because it acknowledges religion. However, the reality is that everyone has some beliefs about how they came to be and this often influences how they view themselves and the world around them. When this step is skipped, all individual efforts rests in a vacuum. When women strive to connect to their Creator, they draw on a strength that informs their choices, actions and subsequently their circumstances. The New Eve Union encourages them to connect or re-connect with their creator in a way that is special to them.

This is a standalone step but it also works hand in hand with the New Eve Union. It involves women identifying beliefs about themselves & the world around them that do not serve them, but which instead pose emotional and mental blocks that keep them from fulfilling their potential. It requires replacing these beliefs with strong positive messages and beliefs. Again, when this step is skipped, health & development practices struggle to take root for good results.

This step looks at dietary practices which varies from community to community. It involves working with members of each community to integrate healthy natural food choices into their customary diets. No health or development initiative is complete without healthy nutrition.

Every woman has both her daily and monthly rhythms; both of which are essential to her reproductive and overall health. Helping women to identify their unique rhythms and boosting them makes an immense difference to their heath, fertility and productivity.

No woman lives in a vacuum, she is influenced by their environment and she in turn influences her environment. This is often the focus of governments and NGOs because the relationship between women’s environment and their health & development has become increasingly obvious. But this focus is usually about making positive environmental changes to support women. While this is necessary, this New Eve step is about empowering women to identify their own unique circumstances and qualities so that they can make the changes they want to see. It is about leveraging their own abundant potential and making them active participants in their own development rather than passive ones.
The New Eve Method by Bridget Marie

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