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The New Eve Programmes

Every woman has the potential to have a beautiful family and make an impact in her world. God created her to be fruitful & multiply, fill the earth & subdue it (Gen 1:28). Through the New Eve Programmes we offer guided support for women to have the families and make the impact they want to have. All programmes are based on the New Eve Method®.

The New Eve Business Programme is an online programme where women are supported to create businesses that help people, bring in a good income and allow them to present for their family.

This programme will help you to be emotionally and physically prepared for childbirth by teaching you a healthy pregnancy diet, Tai-Chi pregnancy exercises and effective visualisation techniques so that you can have a truly wonderful birth experience.

The New Eve Fresh Start Programme is an online programme designed to help women to move on from abusive marriages to living a life of joy and freedom. Women are supported to begin again after the traumatic experience of marital abuse.

"I was able to glean the possibility of moving from a dream to reality and thankfully the New Eve Method process offers practical steps to help me achieve my goals. Once again thank you very much".
"I am feeling so positive about the changes I can make to my life, thank you so much for your patience and advice. You’re a star! I am excited to get start started 🙂 x"