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Personal Development Courses

Becoming Eve Mini Course

A short foundational course based on the New Eve Method to help you start to become the woman God created you to be.

Uncover Yourself

A class on understanding your uniqueness as a woman, a Christian woman and your individual unique gifts.

Authentic Femininity

Who is woman and what is her role? Why was Eve created last? This class looks at women through the lens of Genesis.

Becoming Eve Premium Course

┬áThe course teaches what the woman’s role is in marriage, Church or the workplace is & how to identify your own purpose.

Find Your Unique Identity & Mission

You have been created uniquely by God and have a unique mission to fulfil. Learn how to discover your unique mission.

Transformation Course for African Women

This short course shows how you can grow as an African woman while navigating cultural norms & embracing your African identity.

Natural Fertility Courses

From Pregnancy Loss to Mum of Two

How Bridget Marie went from pregnancy loss to become a mum of two and how you can too can become a mum after loss or other fertility challenges.

Work with Your Husband to Conceive

Learn how you can work with your husband to improve conception chances and pregnancy success without adding more pressure to the process.

Visualisation for Conception

Struggling to conceive? Use this audio visualisation exercise to improve your conception journey and infuse your mind with the positivity your body needs to conceive.

Improve Egg Quality Naturally

This course will teach you easy natural strategies to help you to improve egg quality and improve your health & conception chances.

Your Role & Mission in the Church

This class sheds some light on the opportunities & challenges women have within the Church and how you are called to serve the Church.

Preconception Classes

A collection of classes that can help you to improve your chances of conception.