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The New Eve Programme

Find Yourself. Find Your Place. Change the World

Make a difference in the world without losing yourself and your femininity. Because we know that

  • Women are equal to men but not the same as men.
  • Women were not created to be passive and unseen but to influence the world.
  • Being a woman is a privilege not a liability and
  • God has a unique role for you.

Ready to find your unique place in the world?

The New Eve Programme

It is a 24 week leadership programme consisting of 12 modules and a personal practice project. Each module consists of a video class and is a combination of teaching and guided practice.

On completion, you will be eligible to get the New Eve Certificate awarded by the Bridget-Marie Centre for Women Development provided that your personal practice project portfolio has been submitted for feedback.


Group Support

Study alongside other women, build connections and become a part of the New Eve movement - a growing group of women who want to transform the world with their authentic God-given femininity.

Monthly Workshops

Join our live monthly Q & A sessions to get direct interactions with the programme facilitators and other participants and also get your questions answered live.

The Bridget-Marie Centre Library

Free access to dozens of online courses & masterclasses in the library.

You will be supported to understand authentic femininity through the Word of God so that you can make a difference in your family and society. No theories, no fluff, just discovering your femininity by exploring who God created you to be.

You will be guided to understand your calling, your gifts and to activate the vision that God has for you. 

Because when you understand your authentic feminine identity and your God-given gifts you will be able to truly transform yourself and the world around you. 


Your Host

Bridget Marie (MSc., AHCP reg.)

Founder of the Bridget-Marie Centre

Hi! I’m Bridget Marie, a social scientist. My career began with a fascination for health and health inequalities. However, my personal experience of an unexplained stillbirth and an abusive marriage led to me specialise in the health and personal development needs of women across different communities.

I also qualified as a holistic fertility therapist and have taught thousands of women over several years to improve their health, fertility & well-being. I have seen first-hand the challenges, resilience and opportunities that women face in different aspects of their lives and I am very passionate about supporting women to live their best lives.

I am on a mission to support women to have healthy families, successful careers and make significant contributions to their societies just like God intended from the beginning. This is why I teach the New Eve Method and created the New Eve Programme.


To find yourself, find your unique role in the world and get the support you need to assume your role from a place of authentic femininity just like God created you to.

The programme takes the guesswork out of who you are and what role you are called to play in the world. It helps you to turn the vision you have into reality.

No, you don’t have to be a Christian to join the Academy. The Academy is for every woman who feels comfortable exploring her femininity through a Christian (specifically Catholic) perspective.

Our programmes are based on the God’s intention and purpose for the whole world as taught by the Bible and interpreted by the Catholic Church. 

The Programme has been designed to last 6 months. You can complete the taught modules in 12 weeks.

The next 12 weeks is personal practice stage where you are supported to bring your vision to life by building your audience, services and  your influence.

On completion of the programme, you will be invited to join the Academy Alumni membership so that you continue to benefit from the Academy for continuous growth & support. This membership is optional.

As an alumni you will continue to have access to the New Eve programme as well as the other courses in the library, the community and Academy discounts.

The Academy Alumni membership is a monthly subscription of £47. You will be able to cancel your membership anytime you want.

Yes, you can join from any part of the world. The Academy is online and can be accessed from anywhere.

Payment can be made online. If you are having problems with placing your order. Please email us at admin@catholicwomennetwork.org

We offer scholarships to a specific number of women every year. If you cannot afford the Academy, please email admin@catholicwomennetwork.org and we will send you the form and a list of the supporting documents you need to provide to  apply for a scholarship.

Please send an email to admin@catholicwomennetwork.org. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Light the world around you on fire!

Get the support you need to become the woman God has called you to be and fulfil the mission He has for you. Light the world around you on fire with your authentic femininity!

(You can also pay in 6 monthly instalments of £367)