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About the Catholic Women Network

The Catholic Women Network supports women to improve their health & well-being, build healthy families and successful careers from a place of authentic femininity.

Our Why

Every woman is unique and has been created with a unique set of skills, abilities and gifts. She has the potential to have a beautiful family and make an impact in her world. God created her to be fruitful & multiply, fill the earth & subdue it (Gen 1:28). 

However, even though man and woman were created equal in God’s image and likeness (Gen 1:27) “…all too often, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education, political representation, labour market etc. with negative consequences for development of their capabilities and their freedom of choice” (UNDP, Human Development Reports).

We seek to address these inequalities by providing training to women and empowering them to improve their health & well-being and career opportunities. 

Our Approach – The New Eve Method

We believe that no feminist theory or action done for and on the behalf of women is complete if it does not take the origin of woman into consideration. This means going back to beginning and looking at creation through the eyes of God who created woman (and man). 

We also believe that supporting women goes beyond creating a better social & economic environment for them. This is often the focus of governments & organisations, but these efforts have to be complemented with supporting women to be and create the change that they want to see. The New Eve Method helps women to become the best versions of themselves just like God created them to be.

Our Vision

A world transformed by empowered women. Women who know their full potential and supported to create healthy families, careers and societies. 

The New Eve Method by Bridget Marie

Our Projects

Training & Development

We offer a wide range of courses and programmes to empower women so that they can build healthy families, successful careers and make a difference in the world.

Research & Advocacy

The Catholic Women Network (CWN) listens to and give women a voice within the Church and secular society so that they are fully supported to develop themselves and their societies.

Social & Business Networking

The Catholic Women Network (CWN) offers a platform for women from around the world to meet and network with one another.

Founder of the Catholic Women Network

Bridget Marie (MSc., FRSPH, AHCP Reg.)

Bridget is the founder of the Catholic Women Network. She is a social scientist & public health professional on a mission to support women to have healthy families, successful careers and to make a difference in the world & the Church. Her work began with a fascination for health; its social determinants and health inequalities. For instance, why some people are more vulnerable to disease than others. Her earlier work involved the use of geographic and spatial data to understand the connection between physical, socio-economic environments and health.

However, after an unexplained stillbirth, her attention was drawn to women health and fertility. She has since investigated the health needs of women in different communities, developed population health profiles, made data driven recommendations for improving women’s health and actively promoted healthy behaviours for better health outcomes.

Alongside her research work, she is also qualified as a holistic fertility therapist and has taught thousands of women to improve their well-being and fertility. Her work and research led to the creation of the New Eve Method and the development of a New Eve Theology. She has written and self-published several books on the subject.

She is currently studying for a Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology with a view to exploring the challenges that Catholic women face and the extent to which these challenges have been influenced by the norms, guidelines, and expectations within the Church. She is keen to explore the possibility of building a new theology of woman based on the lived experiences of Catholic women in the 21st century.